Established 1980

Official distributors for World leading brands of hydraulic and pneumatic seals.

Located in the UK, Sealparts distributes a complete range of industrial seals for rotating, reciprocating and static applications to industries worldwide. Innovative products and services help customers to increase productivity and process reliability as well as to reduce Total Cost of Ownership.

Product guidance for design engineers.

Based on extensive knowledge and experience in material technology, design and manufacturing processes, Sealparts offers standard seals and custom engineered sealing solutions in a broad range of elastomers, thermoplastics and thermoplastic elastomers. 


Tecnotex & Tecnolan seals for hydraulic cylinders.

Founded in 1969 Guarnitec, with the trademarks Tecnotex and Tecnolan, is recognized as a world leader in the design, production and distribution of seals specifically for hydraulics and offers an extensive product range to hydraulic equipment manufacturers.

Sakagami seals for hydraulic and pneumatic applications.

Sakagami Seisakusho is a professional manufacturer of industrial seals since 1897 


Supporting customers with their personal know-how Guarnitec is a reference point for customers offering development, prototyping and inhouse tooling allowing us to effectively fulfill any requirement.
Guarnitec uses only the best choice of top quality raw material selections for the production of seals in rubber, rubber/fabric and polyurethane uder the trademark Tecnolan covering applications such as agricultural, earth moving, industrial, lift, telescopic and the mining industries.


Sakagami are specialist manufacturers of hydraulic seals, pneumatic seals and associated sealing and bearing products. Focusing on components for industrial cylinders, Sakagami also focus on seals for 


Aqua drive systems

Railway Industry

Molded gaskets

Grid surface gaskets




O-rings are one of the most common sealing solutions. Sealparts supplies O-rings in a wide range of sizes and different materials, which make them appropriate for a wide variety of operating conditions and applications. They are easy to install and they enable a simple and cost-effective seal housing design.

NOK O-Rings

O-rings are O-shaped ring packings, and are used to seal fluids and dust. NOK has a broad lineup of rubber materials that can meet various service conditions.

O-rings are ring packings with an O-shaped cross-section. O-rings are placed in groove portions and pressed in moderately before being used to prevent leakage of fluids, such as oil, water, air, gas, and others. 

NOK uses synthetic rubbers for many purposes, including the manufacturing of O-rings that can withstand prolonged use in harsh environments.


SKF machined seals.

The innovative production system - SKF SEAL JET - reduces manufacturing and dispatch time to a minimum. Virtually any kind of seal for any conceivable application, in any dimension and design, can be produced. 

SKF offers machined sealing solutions for fluid power, fluid handling and power transmission applications including special large diameter seals with a virtually unlimited diameter range


SKF New Generation speedi sleeves

This thin-walled sleeve [0,28 mm (0.011 in.)], developed by SKF, is simply pushed in position over the worn area, providing a counterface surface that is optimized for radial shaft seals.

S34 Heavy duty brass scrapers for hydraulic cylinders

For heavy-duty protection against hard contaminants such as ice, mud or metal spattering, the self-adjusting the S34 “scraper” is an ideal exclusion ring.

The S34 consists of two knife-like bronze rings and a synthetic rubber cushion ring of nitrile. To eliminate the clogging and caking of contaminants under the ring, the conically tapered bronze rings act as blades to remove and dispose of foreign matter away from the rod and ring. The notches in the bronze rings provide flexibility, allow for expansion, and produce a spring effect resulting in constant contact with the rod, full circle. When compressed the cushion ring preloads the wiper rings for wiper edge contact with the rod and it absorbs shock and side loads, therefore it’s self-adjusting.


Large diameter seals


The knowledge and experience of SKF gained from long term customer relationships are important factors to understand and solve our customers' large diameter sealing requirements and they are essential contributing factors for the high quality of machined seals from SKF.


Customers have a high demand for large diameter machined sealing solutions which are tailored to their industry applications and produced in small (to medium) quantities. For these seals SKF uses its unique manufacturing system - CNC lathe production of seals with a diameter range from 540 mm to 4 000 mm and a virtually unlimited diameter range of welded seal profiles without additional tooling costs.

On-site welding

Large diameter seals can be installed on-site by the special welding technique. G-ECOPUR is the material which is best suitable for welding. SKF creates on-site joints which achieve the performance of an endless seal. 

When replacing large diameter seals for heavy equipment (e.g. rotor blade seals of Kaplan turbines, flange connection seals, seals for wind power stations) our customers benefit by 

  • reduced installation time,

  • reduced fitting costs and 

  • reduced plant downtime.

Aftermarket seals

Sealparts supplies many aftermarket customers with genuine OEM seals from some of the worlds leading manufacturers

Piston seals

Double acting and single acting piston seals for hydraulic cylinders. Materials and designs for both cost effective and high performance technically demanding applications.

Rod Seals

Polyurethane, PTFE and NBR rod seals for hydraulic cylinders. Profiles and material compounds for applications including high pressures, low friction, extreme chemical and temperature environments.

Wipers & scrapers

Rod wipers and scrapers to exclude dirt and debris from hydraulic cylinders. Full programme of flexible wipers, metal cased wipers and specialist scrapers for ice and other demanding applications.


O-rings supplied to International standards SAE AS568, ISO3601, BS1806, BS4518, DIN3771, JIS B2401 P,G,S. Thousands of sizes, hundreds of compounds.

Back-up rings

Prevent o-ring extrusion using Sealparts back-up rings. Back-up Rings can be used statically or dynamically, over a broad temperature and pressure range.

Bearing rings

Non-metallic bearings in materials including high performance plastics, PTFE compounds and composite materials.